Monday, December 30, 2013

Travel 2013: Mt. Banahaw Getaway

Mt Banahaw is not yet fully open for public (esp. Mountaineers). The Department of Environment and Natural Resources ordered the closure of Banahaw from public last 2004 to allow the nature to heal the damages it got from the hikers. To experience Banahaw, my mountaineering family stayed in one of the resorts there to relax and unwind over one of the weekends of July.

 We stayed at Nature Villa Banahaw resort. We got a good discounted price of our stay via coupon. The place is great for relaxation. The bedroom has huge windows and the beds are arranged beside the window so you are close to nature. So close that you can hear the wind, singing birds and the leaves falling right outside.

My T20 Family

There offered us a tour around Mt. Banahaw. They showed us the sacred sites there where people from different sects pray and meditate.

If you want to go away from the city and get closer to nature, we recommend Nature Villa Banahaw. Turn off your mobile, laptop and tablet and stay there over the weekend, relaxing and reading books. Also they cook really good food...

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