Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Flowers have been irresistible to painters through the ages. These days we've lost much of the symbolism
associated with them, but earlier painters chose flowers to convey very specific messages about their subjects. The meaning associated with a specific flower differs between cultures; the symbolism for each given here is from Western European culture unless specified otherwise. (from Marion Boddy-Evans)

Painters use acrylics, pastels, enamels or inks to convey or express their feeling or identity in a painting. Photographers, on the other hand, are the masters of light, composition and photo technology to express their self. A good photograph, as the pros always say, must be well composed, sharp and perfectly exposed. To attain that requirements, the man behind the camera must be well aware of the lighting conditions. Photos rely on the amount of reflected lights from the subject that touches the film or the the sensor of the camera. To master the lights is also to master the exposure of the photo. Composition in photography and painting is almost the same. It is the arrangement of the subject(s) in a frame. A good composition affects the level of interest that the people is giving in a photo. Knowing the technology embedded in your camera is as important as knowing the differences between the 3 paddles and 5 shifting gears in your manual car. One who uses a top of the line DSLR camera is the same as the one who uses a point and shoot camera, if he who handles the DSLR camera don't know what his camera can do. The photo on the upper right is my Valentines card for 2008 done using light painting technique. 30 seconds of shutter speed and a single light source.

In the first few days of my digital photography practice and photo shoots, I always had a flower subject. It's their colors that captured my eyes as always. The ability of the flowers to radiate emotions and awe people when captured perfectly motivated me to do a thousands of experiments in macro and non-macro shots of the flowers. using my Z7590, I captured this beauty in a misty morning at the garden of my apartment in Hsin Chu, Taiwan. by adjusting the brightness and contrast and cloning out other elements at the background, I got this sharp flower with marks of a misty night that passed.

Below are selected flower photos from my database of blooms.

Photos from Z7590

Nature's Carvings
Nature's Bouquet


Photos from Nikon D50

Butterfly Wings

My Faded Valentines

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