Saturday, February 23, 2008

In the Beginning...

Before I became a photography enthusiast, I was a big fan of photos. Since I was a child, I was fond of looking in photos. Our Random House Encyclopedia had its photos in color which made me appreciates the subject matter discussed in different parts of the book a lot easier. One of the most commonly used and most effective means of communication is through visual means. Thus, photography is a very good means of communication. A communication between the photographer and the people looking at the photo.

Not until I reached my High School days when I entered the optical world of photography. I was appointed as the photojournalist in our school paper. I didn't have any experience in photo journalism that time. My classmate gave me a very interesting book about photography that trigger my enthusiasm on photos. The book was entitled "How to Take Good Pictures" by KODAK. That was the end ot the 20th century where photography still requires a darkroom and chemicals for post processing. Where Cameras need rewinding and the event of exposed film is the biggest mistake you'll ever commit. Photography back in those years was a very expensive hobby. I could afford to buy an SLR but I couldn't afford to have a darkroom in our small house. Thus, my photography enthusiam was put on hold for about 6 years.

It was November 2005 when I bought my first SLR-like Camera. My first Christmas card was taken using my thrustworthy Z7590.

The enthusiam that builds up within me for 6 years overwhelms my SLR like Camera and immediately asked for a true Digital SLR. My Z7590 is my first buddy that witnessed my journey in the world of photography.

Then the Journey Begins...

Few of my first photos in my Z7590:

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Cunaflor said...

wynn! i love photography too but didnt have the guts to get started...awesome pix....keep it coming!!!